A man who visits and reviews a lot of gigs around the East Midlands, has visited and reviewed a gig I was saying funny things at.

The text of the review was positive, hence it’s partial inclusion below.

I’ve neither read nor posted the full review; for two reasons
1 – In line with most comics I’m a self-obsessed egotistical dick.
2 – He posts them on Facebook, and I’m currently on a Facebook hiatus due to an uncontrollable addiction to looking at things that waste my time. (Cat videos, lists of things, self serving articles such as this one, and anything that involves me (see point 1 – above))

However, he was kind enough to send me the text of the bit that concerns me. It goes without saying that – had he have sent me the full article – that is the only bit I would have read anyway (see point 1 – above).

It had all the requisite elements of a perfect gig.
– small intimate room,
– professional sound / stage / lighting set-up
– table of noisy pissed up fucksticks that wanted it be all about them.

Obviously you don’t need all those things for a successful night, lots of great nights run in much larger rooms*

In fairness to the table of 10, they were lovely people – just probably not regular comedy goers – and therefore felt it necessary to join in with everything, interrupt punchlines, and make the night a slightly more difficult slog than everyone hoped.

But lets keep it in context – no one died, everyone had a nice time, and everyone bar one** left with all their limbs intact.

Thank you to Peter Fox for the review, and to NCF for the gig.

Should you wish to support future nights (and why wouldn’t you?) then Comedy at Ye Olde Spa Inne in Derby is on again on 14 June, a smashing night run by NCF in a lovely welcoming pub.



REVIEW by Peter Fox


NCF Comedy night at the Olde Spa in Derby – this had more people than last time, but owing to the size of the room, it may be in danger of outgrowing the venue. I like the room, as it has an intimate feel, but I’m not too sure of the venue. One of the barmaids walked in and did a glass collection part way through a set, which is something you don’t normally get at experienced venues. In fact, it took the compere, Patrick Draper, by surprise, as he was stood next to the door and would have stopped her if he had known. This was a good gig, but all of the reviews of individual comics have to take into account a table that was extremely disruptive. They weren’t nasty or obnoxious, but just persistently shouted out and talked amongst themselves. Another note, is that I wish comedians wouldn’t say they’re going to tell us a bit about themselves, as 3, maybe 4 of the chaps performing tonight used that phrase and it would add to the variety if a few others were used.

Patrick Draper – MC – he had his work cut out tonight with the disruptive table. Before he’d even begun the ground rules, he was being heckled and having this table join in. He worked hard, he put down the worst of the hecklers about 7 times, but this guy wouldn’t take the hint. Draper was wise enough not to get too aggressive with this element and it is largely thanks to his work that the night succeeded. I’ve seen a lot of comperes and I think almost everyone, even Chris Norton-Walker, would have struggled to do any better.


* This was a Joke, thank you
** I’m fairly certain he was already down one arm when he walked in***, so I don’t think the gig – or anyone there – was necessarily to blame.
*** This is guesswork, I didn’t subject the audience to a “pre-gig limb-audit”.

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