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Since Patrick first nonchalantly ambled onto the stage in October 2011, he has cemented his place on the UK comedy circuit with a mixed bag of deadpan jokes, visual gags and songs. "His unenthusiastic style has a nice, unhurried rhythm..." - Steve Bennett (Chortle) After making it to the finals of the English Comedian Of The Year awards in 2015, Patrick then took his début show, "Absolutely Vacuous" to the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Where his laissez-faire hour of comedy received a "Highly Recommended Show" accolade from Fringe Review amongst other glowing critiques. “A gem of a show” – Fringe Review Patrick can now be found making people laugh in some of the most prestigious comedy clubs all over the UK, and has forthcoming gigs for Funhouse Comedy, The Glee Club, Custard Comedy, ad Stagefright Comedy - as well a new show at this years Nottingham Comedy Festival on 10 October at The Cross Keys


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  • Вход на рынок Форекс – 7 вопросов перед входом на рынок Форекс для начинающего

    Вход на рынок Форекс – 7 вопросов перед входом на рынок Форекс для начинающего

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    Преимущества Форекс трейдинга

    Рынок Forex дает возможность без особых проблем увеличивать капитал, в среднем, на 30-50% в год. Хотя история знает немало примеров, когда на рынке Форекс (Forex) зарабатывались сотни миллионов и миллиарды долларов, все это – удел богатых людей.

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    Если вам интересно как все начиналось, советую ознакомится со статьей история Forex. Само слово «Forex» представляет собой сокращение от словосочетания Foreign Exchange (англ. В настоящее время, благодаря новым технологиям, Интернету и развитию брокеров, каждый частный инвестор может принять участие в торговле валютой на рынке Forex. Исторически доступ к рынку Forex был открыт только крупным игрокам, таким как банки, инвестиционные фонды, большие компании и состоятельные частные инвесторы.

    рынок форекс


What the experts said

“A gem of a show” – Fringe Reviewread more

“He has won our gong shows 6 times. Very well written material with killer punchlines.” – Spiky Mike, Funhouse Comedy Clubs

“A compelling stage presence ushering forth gently acidic one-liners with many an unexpected twist. In short, a most amusing cove” – Anthony J Brown – Stagefright Comedy

“Consistently good performances” Notts Comedy Reviewread more

“Solidly funny over 20 minutes with several bits you’ll want to tell your mates as if you wrote it.” – Paul Savage, Comedian

“Very Funny.” – Phil Walker,

“I contacted Patrick after I had a cancellation and boy am I glad I did. What a class act. His dead pan style and great material had the crowd in bits. Superb work.” – Andrew Nightingale , CAN Comedy.

“One of tightest & well constructed middle sets as I’ve seen!” – Lewis – Big Lou – Jones

“A storming performance.” – Dave Dinsdale – writing on the West Midlands Comedy Forum

“A fresh talent with lines that will have you crying.”
“One of the highlights of the night.” Al Rudge, Midlands Based Comic Magician & Promoter

“A somewhat dour sounding Northern chap, a most excellent and worthy closing act with quality material and a really polished delivery. A top turn indeed.” – -Si-Chadwick – writing on the West Midlands Comedy Forum

“He rolls along darkly humorous stories, each with a hint of sadness but even more amusement. Ultimately, there can be only one winner, maybe the £50 will even make him smile a bit?” – Scorpio Promotions Review

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